Timothy is a creative entrepreneur, currently leading his self-started company Rare Form Creatives & Hip and Hitched. Although he wears many hats: CEO, creative director, consultant, DJ, talent manager, and event producer,  just to name a few, his passion for community outreach and creative collaboration are clearly demonstrated through his local Rare Form Art Class. His experience teaching Atlanta youth reaches back over 12 years. Volunteering with Bright Futures Atlanta as an extracurricular art program for inner city art risk youth. He is truly a multi-talented individual with a passion for creating art and music, teaching, while maintaining more then one creative business.
Artist Statement
The pieces I create express my perspective on street art, music, politics, love and
the environment. I am inspired by the chaotic world we live in, and seek to
express the freedom and diversity inherent in my life experience.
The message in my art is inspiration of the viewer or, listener to break the mold
and leave behind norms for a higher plane of thought and existence. I believe my calling is creative expression and teaching others to embrace their own freedom of creativity thru the creative process. I hope to convey a sort of defiance of the stereotypical, and being comfortable in expressing one’s uniqueness. With art, one becomes limitless, and I believe humans have a unique potential to shape the world through this medium. Art is pure freedom, and I hope to inspire others to look deeper for there own meaning and to become more self aware. I want them to see art, and them self’s with new eyes, a fresh take on what it can be and can be expressed.